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When you invite another trader to our community,  you earn 1% of the points they earn for 10 years.  

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Prediction is not your average portfolio tracker. Besides tracking your portfolio we feature the largest token database providing highly detailed information on more than 5000 tokens. We go further than just financial data by tracking more than 50 additional properties such as Github Activity, Alexa Ranking,  Social Traffic,  News Sentiment and many more. 

Get access to data that matters, community driven and up-to-date

Sync trades from your exchanges and wallets

Stay ahead of market moving news from leading financial sources including CoinDesk, Bloomberg, Reddit and our own News portal.

Create watchlists for coins that interest you and monitor their financial performance and news mentions.  

Drill down into professional coin evaluations, even before the tokens have entered the market. Discover more than 50 datapoints per token.

Get matched with the best dealflow

Price Predictions

Gamified Platform

Portfolio Analysis

Get paid to bring onboard other traders

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We don't just give you access access to the world's best investment management platform as well as the largest cryptocurrency dataset, we also pay you in Prediction tokens for the knowledge that you choose to share with our community.  

Earn Prediction tokens for collaborating on token due diligence or sharing data from your trades. 

Discover new token investment opportunities and your optimal risk exposure. Our proprietary machine learning models leverage the intelligence of the top ranked traders in our community as well as terabytes of machine derived data. Our predictive models have been built by world class data scientists and are continuously improving as more traders join the platform.

Access the best pre-sales, public sales and late stage investment opportunities that match your investment criteria. Our smart matching algorithm learns what you like and only sends you dealflow forecast to have the highest success rates. 

Get a clear summary of your portfolio performance, on a historic, monthly, weekly or 24 hour basis. Aggregate token holdings across different exchanges and wallets. 

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Customise your price and news alert preferences so that you receive critical information when you need to.


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